I have been in love with programming since I was 13 years old. My interest in programming was influenced by video games. One day I asked myself how can I create my own game so I quickly searched on google. I found that I need to learn the C++ programming language and so the journey began.

Once I got 18 years old I landed my first job as a professional developer and my dream came true. I was working as a full stack web developer at 2create Studio where I met with amazing people, learned many new things, and worked on more than 90 projects.


Full Stack Web Developer – Freelance

July 2020 – Present
  • Build a modern web application with Node.js, React, Express and MongoDB that you can check from here – view project
  • Created my own e-commerce website with a custom WordPress theme that generated 9600+ users and 100+ orders for the last year. You can check it from here – https://gmotoparts.com/
  • Built 4 custom WordPress themes and 3 live sites with PHP, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. View them from here – Motocross Enduro Parts, Developer Portfolio, Interior Design, Starter Theme
  • Automated getting the number of job openings for different roles in sites like LinkedIn/Indeed and analyzing what job is in demand at the moment using Python – view project
  • Facebook marketplace bot that automatically removes and uploads listings from CSV Files. This way listings are seen by more people and that leads to selling them faster – view project

Full Stack Web Developer – 2create Studio

June 2018 – June 2020
  • Created more than 90 custom WordPress themes using PHP, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS
  • Connected themes and plugins with different REST APIs on schedule using cron jobs
  • Maintained and fixed bugs of existing themes and plugins
  • Deployed custom sites and plugins on staging and production environments
  • Optimized the speed of existing WordPress sites
  • Ensured compatibility across different browsers on desktop and mobile devices
  • Migrate existing sites to hosting providers like SiteGround, WP Engine, Pantheon, and many more


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