Starter Theme

Project Description:

Custom WordPress starter theme built for an easier start of new custom themes.

Starter Theme is based on Underscores by Automattic.

Why this theme makes the building of new custom theme easier:

  • Installed SASS and default SASS styles
  • Installed webpack to import javascript files from packages and bundle all of the files into one minified file
  • Implemented logic to add static data in the database like pages, menus, or custom fields on activation of the theme
  • Code for custom post types, custom taxonomies, and custom fields
  • Page builder template and example section in it
  • Code to disable Gutenberg or classic editor for templates you want
  • Custom fields for socials and template part to include the socials wherever you want
  • Custom CSS file named “admin-login.css” that you can change the look of the login page
  • Default header with logo and navigation that are responsive with an expandable menu on mobile
  • Default footer with logo, menu, and copyright
  • The logo from the default WordPress settings can be rendered with one simple function

Technologies Used:

  • PHP

  • WordPress

  • JavaScript

  • CSS3

  • HTML5

  • SASS

  • jQuery

  • Carbon Fields

  • MySQL

  • Webpack