Facebook Marketplace Bot

Project Description:

Facebook marketplace bot that automatically removes and then uploads listings from CSV Files. You can define all of the information about the items and vehicles that will be posted automatically so you will save time removing and publishing them every single time. We are doing this to show the listings on the top of the marketplace or groups in order to be seen by more people and that leads to selling the items or vehicles faster.


  • You can add multiple items or vehicles in the CSV files that are in the folder “csvs”. Note that for now the program only works with listing type “Item” or “Vehicle”
  • Added items or vehicles in CSV files are first checked if they exist by the title. The existing items or vehicles are first being removed and then they are published again.
  • The item or vehicle can also be posted to multiple groups that you can define in the CSV files

Technologies Used:

  • Python

  • Selenium

  • Pickle