Memories MERN App

Project Description:

Memories is a social web application that has users who can create posts. The posts can be commented on or liked by other users. It is built with Node.JS, React, Express and MongoDB.


  1. Everyone can:
    • View posts, comments and likes made by other users.
    • Search by title or tags for posts.
    • View recommended posts on every page based on the currently viewed post.
    • View other pages of posts.
    • Register as a user and login.
  2. Users can:
    • View, post, edit or remove their posts which is happening on a single page.
    • Like or remove already liked posts.
    • Comment on posts or remove their comments from posts.

Technologies Used:

  • Node.js

  • Express

  • React

  • MongoDB

  • Mongoose

  • Express

  • React

  • Redux

  • HTML

  • CSS

  • JSON